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Herding cats is easy!

Said no one… ever. Your main job in Catizens is to build your town around the personality traits of its inhabitants and make the cats happy enough, so they obey you and complete level objectives.

Just like in real life, cats require personal attention and special treatment. Combinations of different personality traits and moods affect their proficiency and obedience. Catizens form relationships with each other (with both positive and negative effects on their productivity) and will occasionally issue personal requests, so you will need to learn what makes each cat happy in order to stay on their good side.

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Manage your settlement

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Each cat matters, especially early on. Besides having different stats and traits, catizens can learn a variety of professions – from farming, to blacksmithing or offering protection from local wildlife. 

Select the cats that are fit to become apprentices to the more experienced townsfolk and choose what path their profession will follow.

Train your catizens

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Face a variety of challenges

Complete objectives and expand to areas with different environments that offer new opportunities and obstacles to progress. Explore your surroundings to find the best fishing spots, hidden treasures and quirky characters that may offer a quest.

Your catizens are not the only creatures roaming the lands. Be ready to defend your settlement from pesky goblins and their raiding parties.


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Inspired by RimWorld and The Sims, Catizens is a colony management simulation game where you watch over unique cats with quirky personalities, as you help them build and grow their settlement while exploring new lands, facing off against wildlife and overcoming the challenges of each environment.

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Buildings and facilities are necessary for the survival of your town. Different building types unlock depending on your catizens’ traits and professions. Interiors also matter – the better furnished and nicer looking a house is, the happier your catizens will be.

There’s no need to micromanage the entire settlement when it gets large. Invest your time and attention in a few outstanding cats and let them become town leaders.  

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